Youth entrepreneurship is a popular topic for youth trainings and seminars. However, most of such activities are mostly focusing on the theory of youth entrepreneurship. Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop will combine the theory and practice and will provide the necessary tools to young people in order to develop themselves as entrepreneurs. What are those tools? We will have sessions with some information on youth entrepreneurship and in addition to this we will visit companies and meet founders of successful start-ups who will share their experience and give some tips to participants. Moreover, part of the sessions we will dedicate to sharing and developing the ideas of participants in the field of youth entrepreneurship. Further, we will provide participants the concrete tools for own development as young entrepreneurs – sessions on the information about grants and subsidies for the development of own projects as well as information of scholarships on business education (particularly – MBA).

Young people, who are interested in beginning with own start-up, will understand better how to get started with own project. However, the Workshop is not only for those who would like to get started with own business. Youth entrepreneurship is a very broad topic and can be used in almost any field of work. Young leaders – members of NGOs – can apply entrepreneurial ideas in their work designing new projects, developing their organization. Entrepreneurial thinking is a useful tool for the development in nearly any field.


Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop is an international event and we expect to see participants from very different countries. During the Workshop participants will be offered to share their entrepreneurial ideas, will receive feedback and recommendations for further development. Moreover, as all participants are young leaders with the interest in youth entrepreneurship – this is also a good place to look for partners for the new project.

We invite young leaders who are interested in the topic of youth entrepreneurship to join the event! During the Workshop you will learn how to develop own entrepreneurial skills and become an entrepreneur.

Future young entrepreneurs join us for Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop to meet your colleagues from other countries and learn how to become an entrepreneur!